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Well, another year is almost out from under our feet, and what do we have to show for it? I think I have a few more lines on my hands and face, and some more gray hairs (but who's counting?). I have a job now. Our country is figuring out that it's not an island from the global troubles that surround us, and we need to come together and face them not as little platoons, but as a nation. JoDee and I got engaged, and set a wedding date. I dunno... looking back it doesn't seem like it's only been a year, but yet it has. I don't think it'll be a year we'll soon forget, though.

I'm trying to get things organized so I can face the new year better. One of those things I'm trying to do is clean up and get organized. (Hah hah). I also have lots of little projects I need to at least look at. One of those little projects is of course this website. Expect some changes to the pages soon (How many years have I been saying that? I think it's been since these pages first appeared. :) ).

Have a very safe and happy new year, no matter where you are, or what you're doing. If you drink, don't drive, and if you drive, watch out for the other chuckleheads on the road.

See you in 2002!