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Happy Birthday JoDee!

(Oh yeah, happy "that other holiday" too).

Yes, it's JoDee's birthday today! Please wish her a happy birthday, if you will. We've already celebrated on Tuesday by going to Gameworks. Loads of fun! Happy birthday, sweetheart! :)

Had some fun changing some components around on my machine last night. Took the opportunity to move my camera over to the DEC Alpha, so now you can have a completely different shot of me. (OOOooooh!). I need to work on PMCAM some more, since the version that's up there is pretty old and pretty crufty at best. Also took the oppourtunity to clean out the case of all the dust bunnies. Good lord, that case gets messy. I had the Dirt Devil going all over that case, and it's still not 100%. Ahh well.