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If you're in someone's bathroom, and your business doesn't go down in one flush, it is better to ask if a second flush will do the trick

I was over at Dan and Char's place tonight when the call of nature punched through on the direct line. So, after finishing up, I flushed the toilet. As expected, it didn't flush all the way, so rather than trouble Dan or Char with my inability to get rid of what I had just left in their bowl, I took it upon myself to try again after giving a few swishes with the handy plunger.

Remember: If you are over someone's house, and the toilet doesn't go the first time, let them know

As soon as number two received flush number two, the toilet decided to stop draining and spilled water all over the place. Needless to say I was standing in a bit of water and other material. If you have ever been embarassed before, it is nothing like the embarassment of standing in someone elses bathroom with water pouring out of the bowl. It's like you're retarded or something because you haven't mastered the basic "flush and get on with life" manuever like everyone else. However, we managed to get the water up, and Dan had a rather hearty laugh.
So remember, if at first you don't succeed, DO NOT TRY TRY AGAIN! :)