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Last night I made another pilgramage to CompUSA to look at monitors. After playing around with refresh rates and screen resolutions, I decided upon the Samsung SyncMaster 753DF. I was considering the Viewsonic A72F, but unfortunately it couldn't cut it against the Samsung, which is a real shame because I've heard very good things about the Viewsonic monitors in the past. The Viewsonic was silver too, which would have gone with my mouse and keyboard rather well. Oh well. The Samsung is a very sharp monitor at a reasonable price. I know some people might think I'm crazy for getting another 17" monitor, but right now it's more practical for me (Small space, small funds, etc.) In any event, I'm happy I have a new monitor rather than have to use the "cateract special" 15" monitor (Compudyne) I was using in the interim.