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There's a special place in hell for spammers, junk mailers and telemarketters, but there's an even worse class of person that lives underneath the water closet of even the foulest spammers. I'm talking about malware authors, who create programs so vile and insidious that I'm sure their own mothers tell people their children are ambulance chasing lawyers to avoid additional stigma. Where the average spammer's attack annoys you until you hit the delete button, a malware program secretly downloads other software to your computer, disables your virus scanning software, and begins displaying all manner of pop-up advertising (from casinos to "Sluts from India"). Why do I bring this up? Because I spent a good hour or so cleaning up JoDee's computer from Ne.exe, Backdoor Autoupder and others. Basically we tapped every program that she had in her task manager into Google to find out if it was legit or not. This is ludicrous. I think people who foist these kinds of programs on people should have their privates slathered in fish entrails while standing prostrate over a tank of hungry piranhas. (With apologies to Red Dwarf). Of course part of the way these things work is to use security holes in Internet Explorer to install themselves on your machine. Can you think of a better reason to start using Mozilla yet?