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Haven't made any news updates in a while. Sorry about that for all of you who were eagerly awaiting my latest update. (Right... Who am I kidding? :) )

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. Ours was rather interesting. I managed to get hit in the leg by a bottle rocket that came to rest from across the way lit off by people I'd scarecely entrust lighting a match to. I guess the fear of fire, or rather the fear of other people setting you or someone you love on fire is universal, as the day after the holiday we exchanged stories of people lighting off stuff on dry grass, launching fire discs without a care as to where they landed, and other examples of Darwinian feats of stupidity. Also in Michigan there is a law against setting of fireworks that leave the ground in any capacity. Of course nobody obeys this, leaving a clear trail in the for any enterprising officer wishing to bust someone for launching said projectile. Of course the police only go after the big fish anyway. (Or at least that's the ones we hear most about).

Speaking of the news, everyone in the nation is talking about the two kids who died in the car while their mother got her hair done. Sadly I'm sure this won't be the last person who will do something stupid like this, and I'm sorry this had to end so tragically. the compassionate part of me wishes this mother would have known better. The realist in me realizes though that if it wasn't for her, then someone else would have to shoulder this responsibility. Of course now the local police and media are on a witch hunt to prevent the next tragedy. I think the greatest tragedy of all though are the people who think it's OK to deny the mother the ability to go to the funeral of her kids. Of course they're dead, and she's going to spend the next however-many-years remembering her neglect, but is it up to us to shovel her guilt in her face to the point where she's denied even a little closure? I don't think so.

Speaking of Tragedies: Singer Marc Anthony Sees His Dancing as 'Tragedy'. Mark, as long as we're being brutally honest here, your singing isn't all that hot either.

So there you have it; one long update. I could have mentioned that one of the local governments is trying to put a limit on how many flags you can fly on your vehicle and home (which I agree: some of these vehicles I've seen have more flags flying on them than a hearse. Also does this count for just the American Flag, or can we put the Red Wings and holiday flags in there as well?), but I'll leave those for another time. (I just looked at a preview of this update, and it takes up the whole damn page. :))