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JoDee and I went to the Kings X/ Joe Satriani/ Dream Theater show last night. Whew, what a night. Unfortunately we got there right at 7:30 so we missed the whole Kings X set (damn). But the rest of the show was quite good. Joe Satriani looked for all the world like Paul Shaffer, and quite frankly he looked ridiculous sometimes. Talented guy, but too much into the "rock guitarist" thing. Y'know... the feedback laden ending, the pointing thing (What is with the pointing thing? the whole "Babe Ruth pointing where he's going to hit the ball, except I'm playing a guitar" thing?) After a really long set of Joe Satriani (at least it felt long) Dream Theater took the stage. Let me rephrase that. Dream Theater owned the stage, they just let everyone else borrow it for a while. I thought it was ag reat show, and JoDee thought they were poseurs. :) At least she didn't like James La Brie, and Mike Portnoy's spitting really got to her as well. I honestly didn't notice. I was looking more at the blur of the sticks the whole time. Great show! Oh, and JoDee also didn't like the whole "Get your hands in the air" bit that they did !8! times in their show. I agree with her... that is a bit much. But like I said; I was watching Mike the whole time. A real high point for the show for me (and a deafening point of the show for JoDee when I screamed for joy. Literally) was when Dream Theater did "Lines in the Sand" with Doug Pinnick. I was thrilled they could perform it live with Doug on this tour.
Downsides? Senior Creepy at the end of the row (this guy looked like Brent Spiner's character in ID4, only Brent was acting. This guy hopped over the seats in front of us and started swaying a lot. A LOT! He was swaying so much that he was getting entirely too close to the chick and her hubby in front of us. They left after a while and Senior Creepy gravitated towards the center of the stage.
It was a good show overall, and I'm glad I got to see them.