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Ack! What a week it's been! Sorry for not wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and double-sorry for not making Christmas cards or other goodies. And here we come to the part where I put up some lame excuse of why I couldn't spread holiday cheer: my hard drive was failing (It was making nice high pitched noises that hard drives like to make when their bearings are going south) and I reloaded my entire computer from scratch. Yep, I went out and bought a new hard drive (and interface because my computer is an old P.O.S.) and began installing. Now you might say to yourself "Well gee, Craig, it doesn't take days to reload a computer, does it?" Yes, friends, it does. It takes a lot of time to get a computer back to the way you originally had it. Don't believe me? I'll be right over with some install discs. :) I just now got Apache running my CGI scripts, so I can update the pages again (and let me tell you, suexec is a real pain in the ass. If your executable doesn't have the right permissions, it'll just die on you (and Apache won't tell you dink either. You have to look at the suexec_log file yourself).

Alas, Christmas is but a memory, but I can wish you all a very happy and safe new year!

More later as I get the time. There's plenty going on here, but it's almost 2am, and I'd like to sleep now.