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We've been busy as heck looking at apartments, but I think we've narrowed it down to a really nice place in Belleville. I'm nervous, though, because it'll be an hour drive to my work, but it'll save JoDee some time getting to Ohio. figures it'd be my luck to get a job on the other side of town just as we're planning our move, but that's the breaks.And it's not too much distance to get back to where we're living now, so that's nice. Unfortunately it'll mean I'll have to get up and get on the road much earlier than I am now.

If anyone knows how to get Linux loaded on a ProServa V Plus, let me know. I got this puppy from Ruth who's work was getting rid of it (and for good reason too: the main drive is going south in a big way, and it's only a Pentium 200MHz with 64 meg of RAM.) It has a dual processor capable motherboard too, so if anyone has a spare 200MHz Pentium laying around, or two other Pentium chips, and if I could get Redhat Linux to recognize the CDROM after bootup, I could mess around with some dual processor configuations.