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Ugh! I hate daylight savings time. I hate it, hate it, hate it! I have a feeling this year will take more time to adjust than most years, because I'm even more tired than usual. And last week, the Michigan Departmentof Transportation declared it "Sleep Awareness Week: Don't drive drowsy". Well, I wouldn't drive drowsy if some idiot didn't declare that I lose an hour of sleep automatically just because it's a Sunday. I can guarantee whomever designed daylight savings time wasn't a computer scientist either. At my last job we did a lot of time calculations and reporting on time. We'd have to make special arrangements and write special code just because some buereaucrat listened to the tourism board before I was born. Argh!

Also had to get a new chair this weekend. The old chair finally broke the welds. It happens on most of the "house brand" chairs you purchase from office supply stores, but it's no less embarrassing when you tell people "I broke my chair". They instantly think you're Akebono or something.

Less than one thousand hours until the wedding. :)