Spammers suck

Well, it looks like some spammer has forged his headers to use my e-mail address to spam tons of people with some porno ad. I think this is the most reprehensible tactic spammers use because now I'm going to get e-mails from angry people who think that I'm a spammer. Worse yet, now I won't be able to e-mail these people who have put my address in a blocked senders file. (This guy sent it out to a lot of places. I'd be surprised if I didn't end up on some black-list somewhere).

So to you, the receivers of this spam: Trust me... it wasn't me. I don't condone advertising that sort of thing to people who don't want it.

To you, the sender of the spam: You are the lowest of the low, and it would make my day for the receivers of that spam to hold you down and use the items you advertised in ways even your perverted little mind couldn't imagine.