The New Metallica

While dog-sitting last night, I managed to catch the video for "St. Anger", the new song from the band formerly known as "Metallica". (I won't repeat online what their new name is. :) ). I have mixed feelings on the song. My first reaction was "Ugh, this sounds HORRIBLE". I've heard demo tapes recorded on a boom box that sounded better than Lars' drum sound. Maybe it was the TV that made it sound bad, but the drums sounded BAD. I mean REALLY bad. My second reaction was "when did these guys become another Rage Against the Machine Clone"? Must've happened somewhere after the Black album. I mean, I appreciate a funky beat with occasional drifts into a real thrashing guitar chug, but I never would have thought Metallica would be a band that would do that. My third reaction? "This is a boring song". Yup. Flat out boring. Oh well. I'm definitely not checking out the album unless it magically appears on my doorstop someday, and I most certainly won't buy it unless Lars personally shows up at my doorstop, album in hand, to take my cash. On his knees. Begging. With a Napster shirt on. :)