Senator Hatch Owes me five dollars for this stupid idea

Senator Hatch, I'm here to collect the stupidity tax for this bit of brilliance. Not only is this highly impractical on so many fronts (distribution of the PC disabling software to cpyright holders, determining copyrgithed material being transferred, etc), but quite frankly flies in the face of this little thing we call "due process". It's a practice where criminals are told what they've done wrong (it's a legal right... look it up sometime in this lil' document we call the "Constitution of the United States"), and bring said criminals to justice in front of "courts", and not corporations. I swear, next week we'll be hearing how piracy is a terrorist act against God and Country, and how file-sharers can rot in star-chamber style courts right next to their terrorist brothers-in-arms. Please, Senator Hatch, do NOT pursue this stupid legislation, There are plenty of laws on the books to deal with copyright violations without your ham-fisted attempts at legislating.