Car Accident

Well, it had to happen sometime with the way the people drive down here. I had an accident coming home from work, less than a mile from where we live. A guy pulling out of a parking lot managed to cut into my lane (I was in the left lane), and crush the doors on my car. Luckily no-one was hurt, but I'm ticked that now I have the major repair work to get the car back into shape. I wish people would pay attention more out here, though. We watched one person's Jeep Liberty careen into a pck-up truck in our parking lot, and Ruth got nailed in her driveway while pulling out. Oh, and to the jgheads who were busily gawking on their way into the Walmart parking lot we pulled into after the accident: Let my car be a reminder to your gawking stares of what happens when you take your eyes off of the road and pay more attention to an accident or your cell phone. So kids, please pay attetion to the road, don't make a turn when you can't safely make it, and look out for the other guy.