After five days, it looks like the (*censored*) spammer has finally stopped using my e-mail as the return address for his male-growth nonsense. I finally don't have tons of mail programs telling me there isn't a user by that name there. It's disconcerting getting pages upon pages of bounce messages from places you have never sent an e-mail to.

In other news, not much is going on here. Still enjoying Banzai (if you haven't caught it yet, do yourself a favor and watch an episode. It's very lightweight. :) ) JoDee and I have been watching the first box set of Ranma 1/2 TV. Pretty funny stuff. Whatever you do, though, do not sing the theme song to JoDee or she will have to hurt you (she's sung it on several occasions. Quite a catchy tune). We've also been watching Cowboy Bebop and are on the fourth disc of the series. Man,I love the music in that series.