RIAA, kiss my business goodbye.

I've had it with the Recording Industry Association of America. I'm no longer purchasing music from record labels that support the RIAA. From now on, I'm making all of my music purchases from Radiant Records and Positron Records until the RIAA stops the nonsense of suing filesharers and basically acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. The EFF has more information on what the RIAA is doing, and what people can do about it. This has to stop. People don't deserve to be treated like this, including the 12 year old girl who is being sued in the RIAA's quest to stop filesharing for good. I'm tired of companies treating me as though I'm just an endless roll of money that needs to feed their business model. If they can't adapt to new technologies and new ways of thinking, then let them suffer the consequences. If a CD is only a license to the music, then let people license their downloaded music collections. This is the wrong way to handle this, and I for one don't want any part of it.