Groin-grabbingly good

This may not make any sense, but I want to know what other people think is the "gesture" that people from the '80s contributed to rock music. What prompted this conversation was a conversation that JoDee and I had over lunch after working out. At the place we work out, they show music videos on the screens there. Of course I don't listen to them since I have my MP3 player going with my own music, but this one video from the Backstreet Boys came on while I was listening to Sister Machine Gun's "Smash You Radio". I told JoDee this over lunch, and showed her one of the manuevers they did. That "tuck your head down, and extend your arm" maneuver, which is a really dumb maneuver. Then JoDee asked "what maneuver did we grow up with?" honestly, I couldn't think of anything other than the crotch-grab. Think about it: Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson... they all grabbed their crotch. (We're not sure about The New Kids on the Block, but it's also debatable if they had anything there to grab.) Yup... the synth-pop driven music of the 80s also spawned a new maneuver that just about every performer has added to their repretoire. That's something I want my generation to be remembered for. :)