Stupid morning

I managed to wake everyone up in the complex by getting my keys this morning. Anyone who owns a GM car will know exactly what I'm talking about: You grab your keys, accidentally hit the panic button, and set your car off like a hair-trigger car alarm. But it gets worse: you can't shut it off remotely. So I had to barrel down the stairs and put the key in the ignition to shut this stupid thing off! I fixed it, though. Figuring that everyone ignores car alarms anyway, I scraped the panic button contact off of my remote. I wish GM would at the very least make it so you don't accidentally set off the panic "feature" off on your car. Maybe putting more rubber around the contact might alleviate this issue. All I know is it's really annoying to have to shove shoes on your feet to turn your car's alarm off at 6:30am. (And to everyone who woke up to that sound this morning: Sorry!)