Sick JoDee

JoDee has been sick this past week with some allergies/cold/whatever. Not fun at all.

I've added some new sections on the site. (Warning: Technical underpinnings of the site discussed. Commence glazing over of the eyes.) When I converte over to a template system on my pages (Much like JoDee's or the Motor City Juggling Club pages), it really freed up a lot of creative energy. Before, when I would add a page, I'd have to edit the template for the index file (because of the news system I have, which is database driven, even though these pages are all static), then I'd have to create a new page from scratch, including formatting and a title, a whatnot. The titles were all done in the Gimp, so I'd have to spend at least a half an hour coming up with the right logo for the page (fonts, and all that other jazz), make sure it's spaced right, and THEN start on the content of the page. With this system, I just add an entry to the Makefile (yes, I'm using make), ad a text file, and boom... instant page. There's nothing like an instant page. :)