Birthdays and other fine things

JoDee and I went to her father's place to celebrate his birthday. In tow, we brought his birthday gift: A HP 7760 printer. JoDee had tasked me with finding a printer that could pretty much just print the damn pictures, and this printer takes that concept to the next level, with a wonderful display, and several interface goodies that make digital pictures (dare I say it?) almost fun. It amazes me how manufacturers try to make the whole process painless, and fail miserably. The Image Transfer software from Sony makes copying the pictures to the local machine easy, but the software to edit and print the pictures is only easy for people related to the programmer, no doubt. I seem to be the "goto guy" for printers, now, as Ruth just asked my advice for a new printer for her (The Canon i560 was my recommendation for her needs). So, printers and wireless networking seem to be the items that people are asking me nowadays, with the occasional "What computer should I get?"