Cat Virus

WXYZ TV here in the Detroit area had a story about a deadly virus that has killed over 800 cats. They lead the story off by introducing a cat which was the Halloween cat from 2003, named Charlie. Charlie didn't have the cat virus, but he was very cute, and his owner would be heartbroken if anything happened to him. Then the reporter mentioned the existance of a virus that was very infectous to cats. Then a veterenarian asked people to vaccinate their cats, and they won't have to worry about cat viruses. Then Charlie's owner reappeared and spoke more of her love for her cat.

Throughout the story, the following never happend:

  • The virus was never named.

  • Signs to look for when a cat has the virus.
  • How to treat it.
  • Other ways to prevent it.
  • What vaccination should be given to a cat to prevent the virus.

They went on in the next story to talk about a virus that attacks tomatos, but apparently the only thing you need to be aware of with that virus is what a tomato looks like, since they showed lots and lots of tomatoes. Oh, and you can still eat the fruit, even though the plant whithers away.

I don't think the news could get any more fluffy and inane unless they had a voice over saying "Cats get sick... here's some footage of kitties with the soothing sounds of Jackson Browne".