SCSI Frustration

This weekend has been the weekend of SCSI devices giving me crap (although part of the failure is due to operator stupidity). I opened my computer to change the address of my tape drive because I was having some issues with reading tapes, and read somewhere that changing the device number to 6 might fix them. In the process of moving the computer to get out the drive, I neglected to disconnect my external connector. Under normal circumstances the 45 degree turn shouldn't cause much heartache, but in my case the turn snapped off the shielding around the connector on my Buslogic 948 card. See, I don't have just any ordinary connection. No, I have a SCSI-2 mini connector to a Centronics SCSI 1 adapter which then hooks to a Centronics cable. The connection is about 8-10 inches from the back of the computer. SNAP! I tried plugging in the scanner again, but the connection to it wouldn't work again. Bah! Then, to top it off, my tape drive decided to start eating tapes as it ejected them. Gah! Fortunately a quick trip to eBay seems to have fixed the problem, so with any luck everything will settle down to normal. :)