New fish

Tue 07 September 2004 | tags: Fish

JoDee and I spent an interminable amount of time at Meijer trying to flag someone down in the pet department (which is cleverly located in Grocery, which means it's next to impossible to find someone. Never mind that two people were there just seconds before I located the tank with the fish I wanted.) If anyone wants to hear the full story, I'll gladly tell it, but suffice to say we finally got out of there and brought home four adorable Medium Glowlite Tetras. While walking though the parking lot, I had a flash of inspiration on what to name them. I didn't say anything, but JoDee also had a flash of inspiration on what to name them as well. I kid you not, we both got exactly the same idea. It's almost scary, and I'm filling out the application for the James Randi prize. (OK, not really). The names? Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. This also fits, because one of the names for the Black Tetra in our tank is "Paku Paku" (aka Pac Man). All of the fish seem happy, albeit a bit shy. I'll try to get some photos online.