DVD Audio

One of the mailing lists I'm subscribed to lamented the death of DVD-Audio (DVD-A). Actually, I think it's too soon to lament the death of any musical format. This is in part because people don't know what the heck DVD-Audio (and SACD) are, and what benefits they'll have for their music listening. It took CDs a few years to fully supplant vinyl and tapes as the preferred musical medium, and it'll take DVD-Audio even longer. DVD-Audio has much higher sampling rates than CDs, and they have 5.1 audio. Many even have DTS encoding. But this all means bubkus to the average consumer. Most don't even realize their albums are mastered too hot. Plus I'm not sure if there are any car audio players that can handle DVD-Audio or SACD, yet. But I'm sure there will come a day when the audiophiles will meet the consumers, and soon we'll all be buying another copy of the White Album just so we can hear the nuances we missed, even after hearing all of the other nuances we missed previously. DVD-Audio and SACD may battle it out for which will be the next format to grace our players, but rest assured one of them will win out over CDs. Just don't look for it to happen tomorrow.