ScentStories redux

JoDee commented about my fascination with the Scent Stories scent player. It's not that I want to have one. I'm more interested in who would ever buy one of these things. Let's do the math. The base unit is $34.95 at Meijer. The base unit package comes with one disc. Each of the discs cost $15. The discs last about 50 hours each. So, for your initial $50 (assuming you buy the unit and one additional disc), you receive about 100 hours of slightly different frangrances. That's $.50 per hour for your initial purchase. It's then $.30 an hour after that. By comparison a Glade Plugin lasts roughly a month. Assuming you spend $10 on a Glade Plugin (They're much less, I assume. I've not priced them out), and it lasts for 30 days, that's about a penny a day for your initial purchase.

So, to repeat: who in the hell would buy one of these Scent Stories?

Maybe I'm obsessing a little too much over this, but it's not that I want one; I want to be the guy making them. There's no way these suckers aren't pure profit.