Car Talk

Seems my parents are having the worst luck with a certain automobile manufacturer this year. One of their cars will sporadically shift out of gear while driving. Of course it doesn't set a code, so the dealership isn't able to trace it down. In fact the company is of the mindset that unless the dealership can make it do it, they won't do anything to it. Nothing. That's all fine and good, except that my parents are now the proud owners of a car that they're afraid to drive. And driving it to make it do this problem won't help because the system resets itself when the ignition is turned off. Talk about hard to diagnose problems. Thee other car problems are a little easier to diagnose, though. My uncle's car has a problem with the windshield linkage, and also needed to have the airbag sensor replaced. Unfortunately both happened outside of the extended warranty he bought, so he has to pay out of pocket for two things that shouldn't go south on any vehicle. And to top it off, my parents other car
now has a problem with the rear suspension. The sway bar broke while they were driving back home. Add to this the troubles I had with my previous cars with this manufacturer (both transmission related), and one starts to wonder why anyone would ever buy another car from this company. Granted, these cars are all pretty much the same make (different years, though), but unless there is a marked commitment to making vehicles that don't fall apart with average use, then the industry in this country is in big trouble. I've had great luck with my car (different manufacturer), and would definitely consider picking up another car from that manufacturer when I'm in the market, but if I had as much trouble with this car as I did with the other cars I had, I'd probably swear off the automobile for good. Speaking of which, isn't about time we had hovercars?