Ruth to the Rescue 911

If you're not in the Detroit area, you may well not be familiar with Ruth Spencer or the Ruth to the Rescue segment on Channel 4. Suffice to say, the segment deals with people and issues that are so incredibly pressing that the only way they can be solved is by broadcasting them on the local television. (Like, say for instance, not having garbage pickup for over 4 weeks, or picking on lazy city workers to stop being lazy). Last Friday, the segment was so enlightening and so powerful that I'm moved to share it with you. Ruth Spencer shared a little tidbit of information that could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for everyone, and it's so compelling that everyone will want to hear it. The gold-nugget of precious data?

Magnetic ribbons that have become so prevalent in the past two years may cause paint damage.

Now, I know you are probably as shocked as I was that something so necessary to our collective culture as showing support for our troops in wartime, or supporting the fight against breast cancer with pithy reminders on the backs of cars could so damage a vehicle, but there it was. You see, we have this bright object in the sky called "the sun" (You might not see it much in Michigan, but apparently it's a problem in some areas). This "sun" sends off some ultra-violet waves which causes the paint on cars to fade. By putting these ribbons on your car, you interfere with this natural process, and cause the paint to not fade. Thus your magnetic message, when removed, will leave an outline of the magnetic ribbon. (On some models of vehicle, removing a magnet from the vehicle may also remove the paint, or the trunk-lid, but that wasn't discussed in the story). Apparently the only way to remedy this outline issue is to go to Ferndale and have your car professionally repainted, because they showed on the screen a body shop in Ferndale repainting a car. So, it is reversable (thank God), but prevention is key. One solution would be to cover your car with these magnets and bumperstickers, as one person in Royal Oak did (which they didn't show in the segment, but I think that's just lazy reporting). Their suggestion was brilliant, though, and so simple that everyone with those stickers should rush out and implement this ingenious plan. They suggested that people move the magnetic ribbons from time to time, and remove them before having their car washed, lest the ribbon interfere with the dirt relocation of most car washes. They even showed what might happen if you were to remove the magnet from a salt encrusted car, leaving behind the ugly visage of the untainted car beneath the beautiful gray dullness of salt.

I'm so glad Ruth Spencer and the team at Channel 4 are working hard telling us of this menace. I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing that the citizens of our world will now know the menace of these magnetic ribbons and what they might do to our vehicles natural fading process. So remember to move your ribbons from time to time, and let your car fade evenly. Our cars thank you, Ruth Spencer, for your tireless efforts.