Matrix Revolutions

Finally saw Matrix Revolutions this past weekend. Where do I start to discuss the sequels? I guess some people really enjoyed the third installment, but I was bored through the whole film. The first movie was an action film in the truest sense of the word. The dialogue was kept to a minimum while the fight sequences played out. It was an adrenaline rush. The second movie started with some silly plot-lines and "character development" as the real-world storyline took shape. In the third movie, there's practically no Matrix moments, and instead it's 90% real-world storyline with all the finesse and flair of a cheezy war-movie. (And the actor who played the Frenchman should be forced to never ever attempt a french accent again. That whole sequence was painful to watch) I haven't seen "Starship Troopers", but my mind linked the two together: guys in suits shooting an onslaught of inexhaustible enemies. Characters introduced 20 minutes prior are killed in feeble attempts at emotion. Matrix Revolutions was the exact opposite of the original movie. The Matrix was a crisp, smart, action packed movie. The Matrix redefined cyberpunk movies. The sequels were retreads of WWII movies splashed with the toys of science fiction. A few scenes were memorable, but the rest were completely boring and overblown. The pace dragged like a farmer tilling clay. I'm so glad we watched this on cable rather than purchased it, and I've decided to sell my copy of Matrix Reloaded. I want to remember The Matrix for the first movie; the cyberpunk action movie. I don't want to remember the sequels. They are weary heirs to the name, and are not worthy of holding the title.