Conservative coffee filters (updated)

Apparently Starbucks can do no right with the right-wingers out there. Their new coffee liquor got them labelled socially irresponsible and now Starbucks has raised the hackles of the right with their latest campaign (The Way I see it) on their cups. Honestly I don't see what the problem is, since the quotes are rather benign, but some out there are really irritated that the likes of Al Franken, Chuck D, and other subversive elements of society that make conservatives wet their pants with righteous indignation are making quotable appearances on cups from the establishment. (Oh, and Yo Yo Ma, and Mitch Albom... terrible company I'm sure). However, I think I've come up with a method that will allow even the most ardent conservative to drink their caffiene-infused beverage without even the slightest whisper of liberalism intruding on their coffee imbibement, and it comes with every drink purchase I've ever made at Starbucks. First, let's show the plain Starbucks cup with it's subversive message from swimmer Lynne Cox plainly in view. Now, carefully take the drink sleeve that they give you in order to prevent yourself from having third degree burns while handling your "the drink you are about to enjoy is igniting the cup. Please use caution" beverage. Now, carefully slide the sleeve around the beverage container until it is snug against the cup. Voila! Now even the most ardent conservative can relax in knowing that no external input of a liberal nature will sneak through and be seen by anyone. Of course self-censorship isn't in the vocabulary of any conservative, and I'm sure that they will continue to whine, bitch, and moan that Starbucks is providing a liberal and political point of view rather than just finding interesting people to quote (God forbid anyone hear what any of these people have to say, but an option for rational self-censorship is provided by every single barrista handing out a Starbucks beverage. OF course if they're throwing this big of a hissy fit over quotes on cups, I'm sure they jettisoned their intestines out their pantlegs when they saw Doonesbury merchandise @ Starbucks. I guess seeing differing viewpoints confuses and angers those who don't have space in their closed-minds.