First and last thing I'm going to say about Terry Schaivo

I wish the passing on of this woman wasn't front-page news. I wish the politicians would have kept out of what should have been a private affair. I wish things such as living wills were more common (I think you'll see much more focus on living wills as a result of this case. Heck, even my mom mentioned them, so you know it's the latest media-meme). I wish that the parties that blew this into the public spotlight never find peace with the knowledge that they turned what should have been a private ordeal into a public opinion frenzy. I wish the families closure with the grief they now face. I wish the media would back off and let the families mourn. I wish we could move on from this, but I fear the pundits will trample this into the ground until the issues are distorted, and everyone is villified or sanctified.

Rest in peace Terry... you've earned it.