Jamming frequency

So, yesterday I was using my Belkin Transmitter to listen to some podcasts, and as I was driving, my transmitter was overpowered by another transmitter. This isn't unusual, as the transmitter I have is pretty weak, and the choices for what station to listen to are limited (There's regular radio stations on 88.1, 88.3, and 88.7, of which 88.7 completely annihilates my signal, and 88.3 comes in really strong in Southfield). I thought I had hit the pocket where 88.3 was at it's strongest, so I tuned in to 88.3 to see if that was the problem.

They were playing something completely different.

I turned off my transmitter.


Hmmm... Looks like someone out there has a transmitter in their car as well. This isn't uncommon for my drive, as I'll pick up someone elses transmissions from their FM transmitter. Usually it turns my transmission into a garbled mess. So I wanted to see where the source of the transmission was coming from. Suddenly my car's radio was taken over, and my transmitter was rendered completely useless. I heard the culprit change songs a few times and then my transmitter was able to gain control again.

Was I ticked?


I want to know what that guy was using! :)

I think I found out who the person was, but I didn't get a chance to ask them what they were using. Whatever it is, though, I would love to pick it up sometime.