Strange Days

Today was a pretty strange day. JoDee and I decided to try and find a letterbox at the Metro Park. Unfortunately we didn't find it, but coming off of the trail we found some cash laying on the ground. That was strange. We took it to the office and reported where we found it, and they put it in their evidence room. (Actually, they're probably enjoying some beer on us, but what do we care... it's not our money. :) ) Of course with such good karma bestowed upon us for our cosmic good deed, we decided tp try and cash in the good karma on lottery tickets. So, we bought some Double Red Bingo instant tickets and some entries in the Mega Millions drawing. As we were scratching off the Bingo cards, I joked that they were "all of the excitement of Bingo without leaving your living room. All we need now is some smoke". At that moment, some cigarette smoke from next door wafted through the apartment. Weird!!! Wonder if those Mega Millions entries will pan out after all?

Cue spooky music.