How do Windows folks put up with this bullcrap?

I wouldn't put Windows on a public network if you paid me. I've gone through Sarah's laptop, and it (once again) is filled to the proverbial brim with spyware, ad-ware, crap-ware, and God-knows-what-else-ware. I can't even get past the login sequence without it freezing up solid. Booting in safe mode and running Spybot and Ad-Ware only catch part of the problem (and not having the machine networked makes getting updates to it much more difficult). Even updating both pieces of software may not catch all of the crap on this machine. So, in the interest of having her be able to actually USE her computer in the forseeable future, I'm installing the Linux patch-disc on her machine. That's right kids... no more Windows for Sarah's computer. It'll be a struggle at first, but I'm sure the benefits will far outwiegh the bad. Wish me luck!