Frankenmuth and Bavarian Festival

This past weekend we went to Frankenmuth to celebrate our anniversary and JoDee's thesis defense. (She rocked. See below.). Pictures are forthcoming. The weekend almost didn't happen, though, as all of the hotels in the area were booked up. Luckily we managed to find a room up there, so we were happy about that. When we arrived and shopped around, we were puzzled that there were very few people in the shops and on the sidewalks. Curiousity took over, and JoDee finally asked someone what was going on. Apparently the same weekend was BavarianFest, the largest festival in Frankenmuth. They had hidden away tents, a ferris wheel, and other goodies behind the Bavarian Inn hotel. We didn't head over to the festival, though, instead deciding to hit the brewery for dinner (and a fabulous dinner it was, with the absolute best Prime Rib I have ever had the pleasure of eating). It was a great time, and even better with most of the tourists preoccupied with the festival. :)