Blogging about Blogging about Blogging

Dear Blogosphere,

We get it. We understand that blogging is now mainstream. We understand that bloggers are a major component of news gathering. We get that communication will be forever transformed because of your tireless efforts.

We're grateful.

Now shut up about blogging.

I'm tired of people constantly talking about blogging as though it's going to supplant every form of media, journalism and news-gathering. I'm tired of news organizations quoting blogs as though they're thouroughly fact-checked resources. I'm tired of the constant barrage about blog-this and blog-that. Just go about your daily lives, please...go ahead and write down about your life. Blog to your hearts content. Just stop talking about how wonderful what you're doing is. We're already quite familiar with the process, thank you.

(This rant is in response to all of the Bloggercon III podcasts from IT Conversations, and the media hype in the Blogosphere about blogging in general. I'm fine... really. )