Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If there was ever a case for promoters to not create trailers for a movie because they might negatively impact the movie, this is the movie. From the trailers, JoDee and I were leary of plunkng our money down to see this movie. The trailers made Johnny Depp out to be some kind of wooden figurine of Willy Wonka, and the movie looked terrible. What we saw instead was a delightfully inspired Tim Burton film. Tim has yet to disappoint me (I refuse to see Planet of the Apes just for that reason. :) ) and this film keeps up that tradition. The casting is fantastic, and Johnny Depp plays a Willy Wonka that is fresh and humorous. This film can easily stand next to the Gene Wilder movie without detracting from the original. Deep Roy is absolutely phenominal in this movie as the Oompa Loompas (Yes, he played every single one of them). It's rare that a remake can treat the original with respect while carving out it's own niche, but this film does so brilliantly. Highly recommended.