Congress bored, reforms Daylight Savings Time. Hilarity ensues.

Who needs the Y2K problem, when our politicians can create with misguided legislation an even bigger issue by overhauling Daylight Savings Time. Yep, that's right kiddies... now instead of the first Sunday of April and October being the linchpin dates for determining whether to spring forward or fall back, our lovely legislators have mucked with DST in order to have it start three weeks earlier and end one week later. This is the most IDIOTIC way to handle this I can think of. Supposedly it will save energy, but I wonder how many of our congress critters actually realize how many devices out there MAINTAIN THEIR OWN DST CLOCKS, which are now rendered USELESS by 2007. Please, I beg you politicians, either reform this legislation or abolish the DST switchover alltogether. And please stop mucking around with such trivial issues as timeshanges and start worrying about more pressing issues like healthcare and Intellectual Property reform. On second thought, don't wory about those. We'll just pay you all to sit and do nothing. It's the surest way to ensure Congress won't screw up anything else.