Fish naming convention

Mon 29 August 2005 | tags: Fish

For those who are wondering, the naming convention on the glowlight tetras is based off of the four ghosts from Pac Man (Inky, Blnky, Pinky, and Clyde). I can't tell them apart, so I've adopted a stack-based algorithm for naming them. That is, the name is pretty much determined when the fish leaves the tank. So, the first fish to leave was named Clyde, and the latest fish to leave was named Pinky. We still have Inky and Blinky in there, but I'm fearing that Blinky will be christened soon, as he/she seems to be turning pale and bloaty. Either the fish is pregnant (doubtful), or I have yet another case of dropsy in the tank (highly likely). So, now you know.