Fish updates

Fri 02 September 2005 | tags: Fish

Well, we said goodbye to Plucky today, but fortunately not because he was fins up. Today we took him to The Fish Doctors because he was just getting too damn big for my itty-bitty 5 gallon tank. So, today I had the pleasure of getting an 8 inch fish into a baggie (check that, a very uncooperative, pissed-off fish). Needless to say, Plucky was not having this at all, and after about 7 minutes he finally was in a position to get into the bag. Then it was "run run run" to the fish store, where he was introduced into his new home. Later, JoDee and I went to Meijer, and I showed her about how big Plucky was when we got him. The fish in the tanks there were about one inch long from snout to tail. JoDee couldn't believe he got so big so soon. I'm sure Plucky will be happier in his new home. The tanks were much much larger, and a fish his size will be happier where he can stretch his fins and not have to worry about running into the sides of the tank. I have some store credit, so once I have the tank somewhat stabilized (Plucky was also a very messy little fish), I'll see about getting some bottom-feeders that aren't going to grow so big.