My doctor must do emergency response for FEMA

Well, it's been almost three months since JoDee went to see our doctor for a blood test, and yet we have yet to get the results back from him. I cannot believe the level of overloaded incompetence this doctor's front office has demonstrated. When I started with him and his office, I thought it strange that I had to make 2-4 phone calls to have a referral sent to my allergist. Now it's been three months for bloodwork to be processed. In August they even blamed the worm that was going around for disabling their computers. WTF are medical computers doing on the Internet in the first place? Unreal! The latest is they finally mailed the results on the 7th of September. It is now the 14th, and we have yet to receive the results. To put things in perspective, I could have walked to the doctor's office (Which is about 50 miles away) stopped several times along the way for food, showering, and rest, and still made it back with JoDee's results by the 13th (even accounting for Sunday being a day of rest). If anyone can explain why blodwork takes three months for results, please let me know. Until then, I'm going to be finding a new doctor.