Jim Harper and the Moron Show

Usually I don't navigate around on the radio airwaves but today I was playing with my radio's TRAF button (which allegedly allows a traffic report to interrupt a CD or something along those lines, but none of the stations use this feature). Most of the Greater Media stations have adopted a system which allows for the song titles to be broadcast over RDS (Radio Data System). Well, on this particular morning, I stumbled across Magic 105's morning show (a "secretary rock" format with the always annoying Jim Harper) while they were doing a contest. This particular contest involved listening to one note of a song and calling in a correct answer. Well, someone must've been completely clueless, because the RDS on my car radio displayed the correct answer to the song after the clip (The Monkees: DayDream Believer). Worse, when they went to commercial, the song title was still displaying. Morons! Naturally the caller was right (she mentioned that she had positively identified the song). I can't believe nobody checked this out before they broadcast it. Oh well. :)