Ground control to Major Tom

Man, I wish my sinuses would lay off for a bit so I can concentrate.

Had a busy weekend without really doing much. JoDee and I painted my father-in-law's bathroom, and I reaquainted myself with the tools of the painting trade. I can honestly say that I don't mind painting, but I don't like corners at all. They're a royal pain in the ass.

My sinuses kicked into high gear on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday I spent in a bit of a daze.

On Monday I saw the new doctor. Yes, folks, it's time for an update to Craig's medical SNAFU. Four months and no commentary from the previous doctor (I've given up), with only one communication received from said doctor. It stated that they've added another warm body to their staff. Thrilling. This new doctor is actually one that I saw prior to Dr. SNAFU. I waited no longer than 15 minutes to get in for a blood test, and the only extended wait was waiting for the doctor, who was busy with other patients. Once they realized I was waiting for him, they ushered him in straightaway.

Service. What a concept.

They told me to call in on Wednesday for the results. I wonder if they'll include the commentary too.