Good weekend

This was a particularly good weekend. On Friday I met up with Sheryl from Ford for lunch. They're keeping pretty busy with retirement (Y'know, I'm not sure I'd have enough time to be retired. :) ).

On Saturday I took my car over to see my brother-in-law for the 100K tune-up. The car runs great now, and it was much less expensive than taking it to the dealership for less than comparable work. Plus I trust my brother-in-law to fix things right rather than some mechanic jockey at a dealership that may-or-may-not give a crap that day. Also went to my parents for dinner that night, where-in we stumbled upon a Macintosh 5200/75. JoDee was a little reluctant about having yet another computer in the apartment, but I couldn't pass it up. I am, however, looking to give it a good home, as I already have a functioning 5200/75.

Sunday was nice, as I gt a lot of things taken care of. I finally sat down and recorded the Blackat Chiquita (my high school band) tape to digital formats. It was both exhilirating and slightly embarrasing to listen to again. It took us about two days to record and mix at my parents house on a rented 4 track tape machine. Plenty of memories flooded back after listening to the results of those sessions. I also formatted and installed Mac OS8 on the Macintoshes while JoDee worked. One of the nice things about installing a new OS on a Macintosh is that it's a set and forget operation. Tell it what you want to install, and it just does it. No mid-installation prompting at all. Just come back when it's done. That's a nice feeling.