PiddlePodder downloads them and I keep deleting them

I've formally released PiddlePodder in the wild, and have been pretty happy with the response. I've received some very good ideas for expanding it's functionality, so expect some good things in the near future. It's been rather quiet on my machine, which is exactly how I want it to be... silent running. The only reason I'm thinking about it is because of future development, and because generated some error messages during the afternoon run.

Speaking of podcasts, I've come to the realization that I'm deleting more than I'm listening to. I'm tired of hearing about Web 2.0, and anyone who mentions Web 2.0 in a podcast is getting a boot in the ass e-mailed to them. Enough already. We didn't have this much jabbering over nothing during what could be called Web 1.0, so please knock it off with the Web 2.0. Better yet, if you're going to run at the mouth over Web 2.0, be a good little pundit and write up a 1,500 word essay on what exactly Web 2.0 is. Don't talk about Web 2.0 until you've completed the exercise.

Also, I've found that most music podcasts out there bore me to tears. This should not be because I'm a huge fan of lots of different forms of music, but what comes down the pike hasn't really captured my interest outside of "The Transfer" and "Brother Love". There's some hardcore and punk that captured my attention, and some other artists really do have incredible music. Unfortunately there's also a lot of stuff out there that is marginal at best. I know the bands will get better over time, but for now, I'm becoming very selective over what I'll listen to.

PS. Larry Magid - You have great topics on your show. You have insigntful commentary. Your lisp drives me nuts. Please see a speech pathologist. I can't make it through a complete show without focusing on that lisp.