PHP and the cracker factor

What is it about PHP that drives cracker assholes to these sites? I currently run two PHP driven scripts (phpBB for the forums here and e107 for CinciClassic, and have had several script kiddie crackers attempt to sobvert the boards via file attachment hacks. What is your problem, kids? Can't you little idiots get laid? I've had several folks get so much noteriety that a simple google search on their account name brought up a list of the sites they attacked. I'm at a loss for why this is entertaining, or even why my site gets targeted with this little pricks. Knock it off, OK? You are a pest, and your mommy needs to storm into your room and take away your internet access. Go away, kid, you bother me.

And to the PHP community, why is it so incredibly easy for people to subvert your code? I'm starting to think that Perl or Java would have been the way to go for these scripted applications. Sheesh!