WDET format changes, and I'm not terribly happy

WDET, Detroit's public radio station radically changed their format today. Unfortunately I'm not thinking it's for the better, as they're now concentrating on syndicated content. Now, before people start coming out of the woodwork (boy, that would be a first) to tell me that they like the new schedule, let me explain that the problems I see with this schedule are numerous.

Namely 91.7 in Ann Arbor, WKAR in Lansing, and WEMU in Ypsilanti.

These stations put their own blend of NPR out there on the airwaves, and they all sound rather similar. With WDET's change, it now pulls out one of the few reasons that WDET was so special, and transforms it into just another public radio station. Maybe it'll be great for donations, but it leaves me cold as a music lover and listener.

Unfortunately I think I'm part of the problem, because I've been listening to 91.7 lately because of their syndicated talk programming (blush), but I've stopped on WDET to listen to some interesting music. It's unfortunate that it's no longer there.