RIAA: Ripping CDs to iPod not 'Fair Use'

Slashdot has an article about how the RIAA is declaring that 'Fair Use' is not ripping CDs to an iPod. And I'm sure that the motion picture industry wanted so much to declare that recording television shows to VHS tape isn't fair use either, but, alas, it is.

Oh, and BTW: Generation Y called... they'd like to tell you to go f--- yourselves.

Dear Record Companies:

I'm still noy buying RIAA controlled records. I've made it over a year now pretty-much without buying an other RIAA record. It's been tough with such great releases coming out like Dream Theater: Octavarium, and some new Kraftwerk live albums (which ALMOST got me to break my boycott). I'd also like to check out some Chimaera, and complete my Opeth collection. Alas, they stayed on the shelves, and I'm using that money to support other great labels who do understand that we're their customers, and not criminals. If you ever want my business again, you have two options:

  1. Discontinue your membership in the organization. (Roadrunner records, I'm talking to you).
  2. Lobby your organization to knock this shit off.

Until this happens, I'll continue no longer being a customer. If you're not going to play by my rules and my standards, then I won't play with you.