And so the Detroit Zoo scandal escalates

I'm heartened to hear that the City Council of Detroit is considering changing their votes, but I'm also saddened that the racism continues. An employee of a company fired off a racist e-mail to a City Council person. While I think it's deplorable that this person resorted to racist attacks, it's not unexpected since race entered the conversation from the City Council itself. Race should not be a factor in this conversation. Racism serves no-one, and as this employee and his co-workers found out, it can be devastating. (All of the employees at the office the employee worked at lost their jobs, and the police are seeking a warrant on the employee for using a computer to intimidate a person.) Please, let's keep the racism out of this discussion on all sides, and work to building up Detroit instead of tearing it down with hatred. I hope this ends soon, and whatever decision is made is both beneficial for the City of Detroit and the Detroit Zoo.