Why HD-DVD will fail

Fri 24 February 2006 | tags: Rants
  1. Take a technology that only enhances the current experience consumers are already enjoying with a currently proven and well adopted technology.
  2. Screw the early adopters of the companion technology.
  3. Restrict the use of that technology so that it's difficult to even use the technology in currently acceptable ways.
  4. Charge more for the technology.

Consumers in the US have proven time and time again that unless there's a major change to how they work with their audio media (Cassettes, CDs, DVDs), they'll mostly ignore it (SACD, DVD-Audio, DAT, DCC, et al.). Throwing additional restrictions into the mix only infuriates those audio/videophiles who spend money like a NASCAR pit crew to get the best of everything, and confuses the average consumer who may or may not see the value in what you're peddling.

HD-DVD, you've officially made yourself irrelevant. Say hello to the cassette tapes for me.