Why Linux is never going to be a desktop operating system

I've just spent two hours trying to get a file to have a default application. Granted, I'm using an older version of Nautilus, so perhaps this has been fixed, but it took lots of weeping, gnashing of teeth, and a deletion and reconfiguration of files to get it to perform just like another account I have.

What the fuck?

Add to that my temper, which managed to get me so annoyed with my CD-R drive when it opened after my computer locked up trying to sync the Palm (another bonus feature) that I broke it in the process, and you have all the makings of an operating environment that makes things 100% more difficult than they should be.


  • Why does GNOME hide configuration information from the user?
  • Why can't someone take the time to do a series of use-cases to make sure that what they're shipping out the door isn't complete and utter shit?
  • Why did GNOME/Nautilus ever have a user mime file that once the mime type was deleted (because it was seriously borked) it could never ever be reinstated?

This is why so many UNIX and Linux users are jumping ship to Macintosh: it just works. There's no reason why things that used to work under Gnome 1.2 are now broken in Gnome 2.2 (and beyond, it appears).